• Robert L. (Trey) Fleming | Principal


    Mr. Fleming has extensive experience in the chemical manufacturing industry, environmental regulatory fields and operating experience in the renewable fuels industry.  He has successfully processed multiple feedstocks, including soybean oil and rendered poultry fat for the biodiesel industry. Prior to joining Emerald, Mr. Fleming and a team of partners designed, constructed and successfully ran two biodiesel plants. Prior to starting in biodiesel production, Mr. Fleming was for 11 years the Director of Environmental Programs and Technology Development for Mississippi Chemical Corporation, a $500 million per year fertilizer manufacturer based in Yazoo City, Mississippi. This experience in a bulk chemical manufacturing environment also provided experience in capital project planning and execution. During the last two years at Mississippi Chemical, Mr. Fleming supervised the corporate R&D staff and evaluated numerous new business opportunities for the company. Mr. Fleming also spent four years with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and five years with the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality. He has a BS in Chemical Engineering and an MS in Civil/Environmental Engineering from Mississippi State University and is a registered professional engineer in Mississippi.