• About Us


    • Emerald Biofuels is a refining company that converts a variety of renewable and waste feedstocks into renewable diesel fuel for use in the transportation industry. Renewable diesel is diesel and as such can be used in existing engines and distribution infrastructure.  Our business is to construct, own and operate a portfolio of refineries that deliver environmentally friendly fuels to the automotive, rail, marine, aviation and other sectors.

    • Emerald Biofuels licenses proven technologies from the world's leaders in fats/oils processing and refining.  The quality of our renewable fuel meets and exceeds industry specifications for petroleum-based products.  The end product we sell - renewable diesel - is chemically the same as petroleum-based diesel and , as such, is a "drop-in" fuel.

    • Emerald Biofuels' management team is a group of professionals with deep experience in renewable energy, plant operations, engineering and finance. The team is supplemented through long-term strategic partnerships with suppliers, customers  and industry stakeholders.