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Emerald Biofuels Plans Renewable Diesel Refinery in Plaquemine, Louisiana

Chicago, Illinois, May 8, 2012

Emerald Biofuels LLC ("Emerald") announces today that it is planning to site an 85 million gallon per year renewable diesel refinery in Plaquemine, Louisiana. The facility is permitted and Emerald plans to locate at The Dow Chemical Company's ("Dow") operating site in Plaquemine, Louisiana and will use Honeywell's UOP/Eni EcoFining (TM) process technology for the production of Honeywell Green Diesel Fuel (TM).

Emerald and Dow are finalizing a site lease and a site services agreement for Dow to provide a number of services and utilities to support Emerald's operation. The site has ship, barge, rail and truck access, and Emerald will be capable of both receiving and shipping by all four modes of transportation.

David Drew, Emerald's CEO, said, "Emerald is excited to have the opportunity to work with the world-class capabilities and experience of Dow and Honeywell's UOP."

The UOP Ecofining process, developed in conjunction with Italian refiner Eni SpA, uses catalytic hydroprocessing technology to convert natural oils and animal fats to Honeywell Green Diesel Fuel (TM). The product is chemically indistinguishable from traditional diesel fuel, features a high cetane value, excellent cold-flow performance and reduced emissions over both biodiesel and petroleum-based diesel. Green diesel can be run without blending and offers value as an upgrading stock for petroleum refiners seeking to enhance their existing diesel fuels while also expanding their diesel pool.

Emerald has retained Fieldstone Private Capital Group, Inc. to assist in completing the financing of the Plaquemine refinery and expects to have the financing closed later this year. Final engineering and the construction cycle are to begin immediately upon financial closing.

About Emerald Biofuels LLC

Founded in 2006, Emerald is a Chicago-area based transportation fuel company with its business focusing on building refineries that utilize renewable feedstocks to produce diesel fuel. Emerald's management team is a diverse group of professionals with extensive experience in operations, engineering and finance within the renewable fuels industry.

For Inquiries Please Contact the Following:

Emerald Contact: David M. Drew, CEO, 847-331-3790, ddrew@emeraldbiofuels.com, www.emeraldbiofuels.com

Fieldstone Contact: Manfred H. Ernst, Managing Director, (212) 626-1433, mernst@fpcg.com, www.fpcg.com