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Emerald Biofuels LLC is a Chicago-area based transportation fuel company that utilizes renewable feestocks. Our business objective is to build a portfolio of renewable diesel refineries that produce environmentally friendly transportation fuels that are price competitive to petroleum based fuels without government subsidies.

We seek to build and grow our company through long-term relationships with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders. Our goal is to develop an annual capacity of 500 million gallons per year of renewable fuels.

Emerald's primary focus will be to build renewable diesel refineries that use non-food feedstocks that will not impact the world's food supply chain and that are cost competitive with petroleum diesel. Emerald will utilize proven refining technologies and apply those technologies to an array of non-food feedstocks producing diesel that exceeds the quality standards petroleum based diesel.

Our management team is a diverse group of professionals with deep experience in operations, engineering and finance.